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YS LION (God N Me) music to redemption

Musician YS LION releases his new visual titled "God N Me" from his album 'Self Love' shot in the country of Colombia we asked him what has inspired it and what was the process of creating this song. Read below for his explanation of his inspirational new song.

What inspired God N Me ?

YS LION : I got inspired to write God N Me during

the pandemic which I was facing deep depression and anxiety I was battling with myself and I wanted to uplift myself from the dark place I was in. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone i wasn’t eating as I should I just wanted to be alone. As days go by my relationship with the higher power grew stronger I was deep in prayer fighting off whatever demons that was upon me I didn’t want to lose myself

,thoughts are powerful! and I’m naturally a deep thinker so most of the time I’m in my head talking to myself some people may call it crazy or feel that it it’s weird but it makes me feel connected to myself I do feel that it is necessary it’s the only real way to figure out who you are as an individual. I developed a routine which I would smoke,think and have conversations with God about the things I was facing and also work on music which is how

“God N Me” was created it was literally me expressing who I am as a person in one song and me healing myself from depression. Being in colombia inspired me to shoot the video seeing the 3 crosses on the mountain top tres cruces which lights up in the night and also the big Jesus statue Cristo Rey i felt God with me.

Video shot by visual artist Kingdsignz

GOD N ME also available on all major music streaming platform.

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