The Jeanius of Exantus

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

JEANIUS aka Jean Exantus

We recently met with the talented musical artist, known by jeanius full name jean peter exantus! from New York city of Brooklyn. His lyrical skills with the ability to bring any beat to his own vibe!! thanks to his mother Linda at a young age gave him the opportunity to receive lessons in piano which gave him a great perspective on entertainment early in his career. Hiphop became one of his main focus as he discovered his natural ability to bring songs to life inspired by his

favorite artists.

Wu Tang, Big Pun, Nas, and Biggie. Performing for large crowds in his teens as an independant artists gave him the confidence to take his talent overseas to Osaka Japan where he fell in love with the culture. With the momentum he built decided to become a master of his craft by enrolling into Five Towns College where he studied business and production, graduating with a 3.9 GPA. He wanted to show that anything is possible when you put put your mind and skills to good use. For his first EP labeled "Never Fold" using his business mind he created opportunities for himself. Opening for Cardi B, Fat Joe, Little Durk, and Fred The Godson. and many more.

For this season his new record featured with Jamaican Artist Diallo Palmer he wanted to show his versatility bringing his artistry to the Caribbean through reggae in his new feature with new song called "Regime Change" of his EP.

Music is more than what we hear in it's many forms it is our CULTURE.

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