The Bravado

Who is bravado?

Bravado is my art style. Itʼs bold and has no boundaries, and being that I donʼt talk much, my Bravado does most of the talking for me. Youʼre either impressed or intimidated.

What inspires you? My family, my ethnic roots, and other artist.

What advice would you give other aspiring artists or creative? Donʼt try to compare yourself or try to be like another artist/ creative. You have an inner talent that no one has ever seen, heard, or touched. Itʼs smooth being in a lane you created for yourself, nobody can cut you off. Just do it nobody is stopping you from being seen but yourself.

What is your goals? To keep pumping eye candy, raise my family, and live life being my own boss.

Why do they call you Smurckz? I have a permanent smile. My energy is all around smooth.

What is FKU? Itʼs a movement!

How can anyone request work from you.

You can contact me on Instagram @smurckzbravado and @1xbravado

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