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Updated: May 2, 2019

Who is Sara Benn?

SARA : I'm 100% Moroccan but i grew up on the north-shore in Peabody Massachusetts.

What are some of your goals.

SARA : I like to have some short-term goals to keep me motivated and track, but not many long term goals! because i don't want to limit myself i want to just see where life takes me, and approach every new opportunity with an open mind.

2019 Goals

SARA : I'd like to build my Portfolio so i can take a more serious approach to my model career, I plan on raising my grades, learning to sew and turning some of my sketching to wearable pieces. Another goal i have that i've been working on for a few years aside from all of my fashion related things is i have a fundraiser! planned for my brother who has down syndrome., I've been planning it for awhile now. It should take place on national down syndrome day 2020 and all the proceeds will go to NDSS ( National Down Syndrome Society)

What Inspires me

SARA : Seeing other people work towards their goals and turning their dreams into reality at any age, also local artists and creatives inspire me allot becasue they show that you can come from a small town/city, and defy societal norms and just strive to be something greater than what people had planned for them.

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