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Outre Fashion Show 2019

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

This spring brings many new creatives in fashion and the great shows to display them. Published Fashion photographer janaina lee! known for her amazing visual arts, created her first fashion show at the famous sowa galleries in the heart of boston's rising art culture. Outre fashion show debut was a full success with attendees of the city's hip young crowd and business influencers, and noted talented designers from Massachusetts to ny showcasing their collection Cornelius Ortiz, Jeremy Tsui, Amy Lane and Visuals Paris Every piece truly was one of a kind. So do you ever think to yourself? What inspired these fashion goers? when you start with a blank canvas how do you end with a collection so breathe taking? Personally I look at all styles. Styles that I don't necessarily would ever think I would wear to styles I would rock everyday. You don't think of yourself when you staring at a blank canvas, you inter-twin your imagination, life, dislikes and stitch it into fabric. That's fashion, that's how you start a collection. It's a cold room, with your choice of brew, a pencil, paper and god fearing imagination. So I toast to all the stressful nights, dozens, of wasted paper, the nights of relinquishing power and a toast to future fashion!

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