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Melanie Galilea x VSLS

For creative driven brand! VSLS we bring you their Born To Create collaborative campaign. Featuring painter and artist Melanie Galilea born and raised in Massachusetts. Now currently living in Orlando Florida, this high spirited creative with a electrifying personality and sense of humor. Was a perfect candidate for VSLS as their mission as a brand to highlight the many talents from all walks of the creative industry through their apparel.

Images by Naomi Alize

Melanie Galilea

What do you do?

I am an artist who loves to paint. I never settle for one specific style of painting, when I paint I make sure I am in positive spirits before I pick up the paint brush. Vibrating positive energy to a canvas makes a huge difference on its final result. 

What is your goal as an artist?

It is to make others embrace the emotional connection through a painting and hearing their perspectives in what they see and how they interpret my paintings. The beauty to me is no one answer is the same because we all may have similar experiences or emotions but never identical. 

What is creativity to you?

To me is a moment of peace. Why do I say peace? Creativity comes in many forms such as paintings, music, clothing , photos etc . When you stop, pause , observe , and think about what you’re seeing and hearing, that one moment you do that and forget about what needs to get done etc that to me is peace. 

That’s what painting is to me peace, love, and light. 

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