Kyra Rosa x Visuals Paris

Updated: May 28, 2019

Female Photographer & Miami Native Kyra Rosa teamed up with visuals paris for their collaborative campaign shoot, in the city of boston! for their VSLS 1 of pieces Find out her thoughts on the upcoming luxury brand. and her wonderful photography

Kyra: Minimalism, Luxury and Streetwear are words that can easily be

associated with Boston brand Visuals

Paris. As an artist that is starting to focus more on

these three elements in my own personal work I

found the desire to connect with them on a recent

trip to Boston.  

Kyra: My goal with this campaign is to communicate

different aspects of movement and interaction. As

the brand focuses on luxury streetwear and those

who love to travel I wanted to present a “Streetwear

on the Go!” concept and really pull the viewer into

the scene. With extreme angles, abstract architecture

and movement within the scene we were able to

articulate this idea and really bring it to life. 


Working with Visuals Paris really helped me find a

more transparent way of visually representing who I

am as a person and artist. I am extremely grateful to

be able to collaborate with them on this campaign

for they are extremely talented, passionate, and

hardworking individuals.

Featured Models

Cara Audrey & Olivia Breault


Kyra Rosa

Email kyrarosa.photographer@gmail.com IG: @kyrarosa_photographer


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