Garçon Manqué

This season we introduce fashion creative Latrice Samuel founder of Garçon Manqué as a female entrepreneur in the fashion industry, she brings a dope blend of mens and women's fashion for tomboys and men which she calls gender-fluid.

What does Garçon Manqué means? 

Garçon Manqué is french for tomboy but the brand is gender-fluid.

What inspires you? 

I love bright colors and cool prints/patterns.  As much as I am a fan of simplicity, at the same time enjoy being simply different.  How can I make a piece different or stand out is always the end goal.

What advice would you give other female designers or entrepreneurs? Be confident in your craft and stay true to your vision. 

Marry the process and divorce the results.  Sometimes we can get caught up with the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey.

What would you like to change in the fashion industry if you could? I would like to see more support groups. 

The industry can be cut throat at times so it's good to know that you're not feeling the heat alone. 

Where can you purchase your cloths and learn more about the brand? 

You can purchase our concept pieces at www.garconmanqueusa.com

Also check us out on IG garconmanqueusa, FB: garconmanqueusa and

Tumbr: garconmanqueusa

Garçon Manqué USA

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