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From Park to Penthouse

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Art Imitates Life Presents Acosta Park pt 1

This singer/songwriter went from sleeping in Central Park to owning Penthouse Studio in Times Square, NY. Growing up in the gritty streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn was tough, but this creative found resilience and perseverance in the sweet tunes coming out of the stereo and his mother’s voice.

“My mom would listen to Pop & R&B acts like George Michael, Elton John and Boyz II Men.”

Acosta Park always found inspiration from the city he grew up in, but also from his humbling beginnings. Just walking down the the busy streets of New York he would get inspiration from the musicians, the artists, the dancers and the bright lights.

“I would escape and go to Times Square, I would walk and look up at all the lights and all the people and I said one day I will own a business in this town.”

From writing songs for some of the top shows on TV and various artists to following his dream of releasing his own music, Acosta dropped the singles "Body" (2018), "Stars" (2019), and his latest release "Mi Amor" where he sings about being in love and the happiness that comes with it.

He is setting up to drop his new single "Pink Lemonade", where he talks about pleasing a women by going "below the equator".

"Everyone likes pink lemonade" Jokes Acosta

You can check out Acosta Park on all major platforms

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Creative: Acosta Park

Photography : Tyrell Primus

Video Director & Visual Artist: Jabari Rezende

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