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Creatives are the future

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The word creatives has many different meanings. The new generation of creators, innovators and pioneers of the culture is not the celebrities of the industry! They are the ones amongst us on the ground that touch the people everyday. They create organically because that's who they are. They can be of any ethnicity, sex and from different walks of life. Founder tyrell primus created vlmag as a platform to highlight todays t generation and future icons of tomorrow through their own eyes. VSLS supports all creatives that are following their dreams.

Video By ViewsFromBarz Name Jabari Rezende

VLMAG had the opportunity to collaborate with up and coming entrepreneur and also creative Quabless Harris during NYFW. He organized an amazing event featuring a group of diverse and creative people from different backgrounds with various skillsets. Hosted by Joseph Lindo,a mogul in the making from 1885 Management and one of the host of the Grownfolktable podcast , it was a night to remember. Not only did Young Visionary Quadbless have his clothing line with Ghetto Gourmet featured, he also had Rupal clothing (who clothes have been worn by the likes of Dani Leigh & Tory Lanez) on display and highlighted custom spray painted pieces done live by 3rd Degree & Baghead. Photographer Fernandra Fowler who has shot the likes of Dani Leigh and Teyana Taylor amongst others was present, as well as many other notable brands including New York is a Nationality, Kristin Galante, Sleaze, and NY Tunes who collaborated with Adidas (check it out straight fire). Other notables in the building were No Access New York, Odd.Knowledge who creates amazing art literally on anything anything from textiles to skateboards, and last but not least VSLS. Check out the visuals below.

RATED Q 2019

Rated Q 2019 event from our NYFW collaboration with the many talented various creatives from all over New York get a glimpse of what happened that night.

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