Burning Bicycles -Moonlight

The band known as burning bicycles debuted their visual video from their newly released single (Moonlight) featuring both band members cruising through the city at night! bringing the classic indie feel good vibes to their fans letting the world know they are here and ready to show the world we can be cool and also positive. We asked them what was the inspiration for their video.

Burning Bicycles. "Answer" It was a spontaneous idea with our Director, Gabe Guzman, to go out for a bike ride through Queens, NY during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. We wanted to capture how the city felt and looked during this time. Although the city felt empty and solemn, "we wanted" to embody a spirit of optimism and hope for our future. This falls in line with the overall message of the record ‘Moonlight’, which encourages our fans to be aware of the world around them but, not to give up on their dreams and ambitions; regardless of the conditions we face.

Director - Gabe Guzman

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