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Axam Mutengu The Art of Fashion

Updated: May 30, 2019

Meet Axam born uganda, this fashion creative & model known as procurer of the finest threads is featured in the (Art Imitates Life) campaign by VSLS the sister brand of Visuals Paris luxury fashion company.


“I get inspiration from what’s around me, be it music,art,nature and different cultures. I take all that & try to put my own spin on it. The fact that there are no rules in fashion, I enjoy putting different pieces together and be as creative as I would like.” 

“Outside of fashion, I enjoy playing/watching sports. I also like to read in my free time, and whenever possible, I like to travel. A couple of years ago I picked up dancing and I’ve been doing that from time to time, in

different styles like bachata, salsa, kizomba...!”

Video Director & Visual Artist: Jabari Rezende

Fashion Creative & Model : Axam Mutengu

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